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Branding and Marketing

Branding and marketing at Sommét is a content rich, and customized approach to growing your business. Offering a distinctive advantage, branding represents your word and promise to clients that your product and or service will deliver on your commitment. In as much as branding creates a perception a business brings to its clientele, it is critical that your messaging be clear, concise, individualized, and, yes, magnetic!

At Sommét, the branding process begins with your "brand promise", to a logo that elicits customer emotion, to alining organizational components, and then extends to all of your promotional materials, including your website. In addition, Sommét brand messaging answers the "who, what, where, when, and why" of your business, including clarity concerning quality, features, and benefits that differentiate your product and or service.

For example, the Sommet brand anchors itself on customized services for our clients. In the case of Sommét, one size does not fit all of our clients!

The Sommét approach to actionable branding includes the following elements to drive your company forward - each custom articulated to your individual business using the following approach:

  • defining your mission
  • performing market research
  • defining your customer demographic
  • learning exactly what your customers want
  • defining your key messages
  • integrating your messaging into all of your printed materials, as well as the spoken word. 

  All told,

Sommét will ensure your customized elevator speech, tag line, and marketing materials

will be concise, memorable, and consistent - they will rock, and so will your business!