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Introducing iLead - The Institute of Virtual Leadership

Leading Virtual Organizations and Teams

- you can't just send employees home with a computer and wish them


Given the economic impact of the past few years, government and industry organizations are striving to improve productivity. To an extent, this is being addressed by implementing virtual organizations; thus reducing the organizational carbon footprint and saving organizations thousands of dollars year-on-year per virtual employee. Current research indicates the virtual workforce is increasing and that nearly half of the American workforce may be candidates to work virtually.

With the right leadership, productivity can increase as much as 40%. However, all too often, leaders fail to provide the kind of leadership their virtual employees need. As a result, productivity and innovation decline, and employees move on to other jobs.

This course covers the often overlooked requirements needed to successfully lead and sustain a virtual organization. Heretofore many organizational and team leaders have spent an inordinate amount of time focusing on worrying if their employees are really working when they are offsite. Instead, leaders must focus on developing the traits, characteristics, and behaviors necessary to inspire and motivate their employees.

The objective of this course is to assess the current leadership style(s) of students and introduce them to the specifics of what it takes to effectively lead remote workers. On a specific and practical level, this course enables students to create a go forward "game-plan" of strategic actions they can take to ensure their employees are more productive, that they want to remain with the organization, that they are happy to start work in the morning, that they grow professionally, and that they are not forgotten when it comes time promotions.

For information on iLEAD - The Institute for Virtual Leadership, click here.