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Proposal Support

Sommét is positioned to support your proposal processes from opportunity evaluation through proposal review

We are here to assist with your bid/no bid determinations including:

  • determining the strategic value of the opportunity relative to your business plan, expertise, overall risk, and the potential advantage for winning future opportunities
  • assessing the probability of winning the contract award in terms of time, skill sets, resources, reputation and relationship with the potential customer, and competition
  • evaluating the business value of the award related to B&P, margins, and best use of time
  • analyzing risk in terms of meeting the required schedule for deliverables and personnel, and understanding the possible impact to your brand should the project fail.

In addition, our team is experienced in evaluation procedures as well as articulating proposals that respond to RFPs in a concise and compliant manner. Our support runs the spectrum of RFP requirements to include assistance with authoring past performance sections, management plans, and methodologies.

Since each proposal is unique from the vantage point of how your company will accomplish and address the requirements of the RFP, it is critical that each major area of the proposal differentiate your company from other bidders. Sommét ensures your differentiating characteristics and experience are precisely described to maximize your evaluation points. In addition, Sommét brings an attention to detail to mitigate risk by providing well-written, complete, and error-free documents.