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Leadership Training

The true value of leadership does not reside in merely managing teams or running business numbers for an organization - the true value of leadership lies in inspiring others to perform at their personal best. By exhibiting real concern for the human element of the organization a leader is positioned to set purposeful goals (not "make work" assignments), execute to the

corporate vision (with real belief, not sarcasm), and establish a culture of respect (not ridicule).

Business and business culture has evolved beyond supervising employees as indentured servants. The days of micro-management and the supervising bully are gone (or at least they should be)! The business environment of today calls for effective collaboration, precise communication, and ongoing training for all levels of the organization.

Commencing with the Personal Leadership Course, students are able to explore the authentic self by way of examining motivation and leadership style via mindsets, goals, values, and motivators.

Using "whole brain learning", Sommét courses employ a variety of learning situations. Each group class is highly interactive with peers and designed to guide participants to a path of increased confidence, enhanced trust in colleagues and followers, and the ability to encourage the development of leadership authenticity in associates and employees.

A primary objective of each course is to continually transform personal leadership into higher levels of people leadership. To this end, Sommét is positioned to offer group and individual leadership classes across a multitude of courses. A sampling of these courses includes:

Personal Leadership

Leading Virtual Organizations and Teams

Leading Change

Effective Influential Leadership


Leadership Values and Ethics

The Leader as a Teacher

Strategic Leadership to Maximize Organizational Performance

The Role of the Leader in Team Building and Group Dynamics

Leading by Creating Trust and Empowering Others

New Leaders - Making the Leap into Leadership        

To receive additional information concerning Sommét Leadership Courses and/or individual Coaching Sessions, just contact us and we will work with you to customize a leadership program to your organization and your personal leadership style.