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Leadership Training

Today’s organizational environment is one of constant change that requires a mindset that is adaptive, flexible and responsive; one with an affinity for innovative thinking, and an attention to trends. The Sommet Leadership approach addresses these corporate needs with a series of seminars focused on leadership and organizational adaptation. Our courses have been specifically selected for timeliness of subject and flexibility of delivery. Each course is offered in open-enrollment classroom sessions, and as a customized contract course that can better address specific client needs. Our leadership courses are adapted to professionals at all levels; helping individuals transition into leadership positions as well as enhancing the coaching and mentoring capabilities of manages and executives.

Sommét offers personal and organizational development. Designed to include entry, mid-level, and senior level managers, the Sommét approach to leadership training begins with an assessment of skills and abilities, coupled with an analysis of leadership traits and behaviors.

Since a leader's level of effectiveness can have a profound effect on organizational performance, Sommét has architected its courses to ensure leaders become more capable regardless of their level in the organization. Participants in Sommét training experience leadership courses that work to align their values and leadership styles with their individual personalities and inner compass.

Specific high-level courses include:

  • Personal Leadership - Enhancing People Leadership through Personal Leadership
  • Leadership Styles
  • Strategic Leadership to Maximize Organizational Performance
  • Leading Change
  • The Role of the Leader in Team Building and Group Dynamics
  • Leading by Creating Trust and Empowering Others

Each course is tailored to the organizational needs of the client and provides meticulous focus on each individual student. Using interactive presentations as well as case studies, the Sommét approach allows for and encourages the formation and participation in communities of practice that offer long-term advantages well beyond the classroom setting.

In addition to group courses, Sommét provides students mentoring and individual coaching for ongoing professional development.